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Im visiting! yay?

2009-09-15 02:12:28 by MERGAN

im like, im stuck in a chat, with my friends... day after day, and im like, lol, every day is fun, but lately no one is connecting, and after i made the website for something we were gonna make, they just simply stopped asking for it... and... im like, i spent 18 hours making teh website, and now im bored. and and, panckaes

happy new year! ... delayed!

2009-01-04 02:25:14 by MERGAN

HNY to everyone! i hope this year is full of surprises and happiness!

PS: got a new computer and i don't have flash anymore (unless... got a plan)
soo uhm... what's up?

did you get presents?...?
i was gonna release a flash for christmas but... you know.. i changed the computers

... thats... it??


2008-06-05 22:55:22 by MERGAN

>:( everyone listen DMGF needs animators! 3 sprite animators and 1 drawing animator, we need alot of voice actors... kinda... voice actors... try to fit in one of these if you want a job

Cat (female)
Evil mergan

thx for your attention, we acept game ideas... (NO CREDIT FOR U!! >:( lol jking)
soon ill post an image of me doing the >:( face in real life, no edit, nothing... just a face, eyebrows and mouth (eyes included)

chao garden is out!

2008-03-31 01:35:57 by MERGAN

took some effort but its done, any suggestions post here, check it out here
i hope you like it :D

chao garden coming

2008-03-01 17:59:11 by MERGAN

prepare mr testers cuz the game is almost done!
just gemme three days THREE DAYS

hate and help

2007-10-03 00:19:37 by MERGAN

sup sup sup i needa tester for my games before they get blammed.... agein...
im helping if you dont know codes in flash just leave a comment and ill answer (if i know the answer)well ill tell you who i hate:

[KK] : they send crappy fucking movies and they give themselves credit

TTA: they just send it and it causes seizure and they leave them get past of the same cause of the KK

GODAMNCOPIES: once a time there was a great serie called: SMBZ, it went scoring up till the 6th movie whitout including the intro, till someone ***** *** ** **** ***** ** *** *** ****** ** *** *** ******* fu*** bastaard copied the name and puted SMBZ ep7 and that fucking sucks he just put a god damn pakman sucking the dick to a cat
same whit thwomps movie but thwomps movie 2 isnt the same thing of the above its raveman just over a billion times

sup sup sup sup sup sup

2007-09-14 00:17:28 by MERGAN

i am making a minigame factory.... WTF IS NAME IS MERGAN MINIGAME FACTORY (YAY) OMFG!!! >:D

no what